Pak'N Save has apologised after a customer found a fly and its eggs in a packet of mince in a Whakatane store.

Video of the revolting discovery, posted by Opotiki man Scott Trafford on Pak'N Save's Facebook page, has been viewed more than 35,000 times.

Pak'N Save's parent company Foodstuffs said it had apologies to the customer.

"Thankfully, I can confirm after discussion with the store that this appears to be an isolated incident which has come about because it appears a small hole in the packaging was breached by a very determined fly," a spokeswoman said in a statement.


"The likelihood is that the packaging was damaged on shelf when other customers were removing product. The store inspected all remaining product and we are pleased to advise that all other packs were appropriately sealed."

The store had also been in touch with Ecolab, which carry out monthly cleanliness and pest control audits, and requested they revisit and conduct additional fly management checks.

"We very much appreciate the customer bringing this to our attention, as it meant the store could act quickly to check the remaining product on shelf and reduce the risk of any other customer being affected."

Trafford could not be contacted to get his thoughts on his unpleasant discovery.