A millionaire businessman caught up in a cocaine ring has been fined $1000 - but has won a fight to keep his name secret.

The man was a minor player in a covert police sting on a drug ring allegedly selling cocaine and methamphetamine to high-flying clients.

Operation Ceviche led to 13 arrests and the seizure of 760g of cocaine, worth $300,000 and $81,000 cash in late August.

Drug squad detectives arrested the businessman after he left an address they were monitoring and he quickly admitted purchasing four ounces, or 112g, between May and August.


He pleaded guilty to possession of a class A drug.

He fought to keep his name secret and at his sentencing at Auckland District Court today Judge Russell Collins ordered permanent name suppression of the man's name, occupation and company.

The judge said naming the man would cause undue hardship to his family and business.