A North Canterbury farmer has spoken of the frustration of locals at being unable to get services through to their remote area after last week's earthquakes.

John Meuli farms sheep and beef on Stag and Spey Rd, halfway between Kaikoura and Waiau on the Inland Kaikoura Rd.

The Inland Rd has been subject to closures and today is fully closed to all traffic for assessment after last night's 5.7 magnitude aftershock.

Mr Meuli said in an interview before the aftershock the cordon was "probably" too heavy handed. He hadn't seen the condition of the road but others had told him the road was "quite serviceable".


He said a lot of the frustration revolved around not being able to get services through including electricians and plumbers.

His household had no hot water.

There was also an issue getting cropping specialists in. "We've got fodder beet to spray."

Talking to host Jamie Mackay on The Country radio show, Mr Meuli said that initially after the earthquake they were running on adrenalin, and he didn't know where time had gone since.

"It's actually eight days ago but where have those eight days gone?"

Mr Meuli said that with hot weather expected this week everyone in the area had water available for stock, though there were a few minor issues.

He said most could move their stock to natural water if needed.

His farm had got off lightly but neighbours had concerns about deer escaping. He said they'd managed to fix the fences and there was not as much of that sort of damage as they initially thought there had been.

A lot of locals had tracks that needed attention and a bulldozer was being used to tidy it up.

He said the amount of supplies coming in had been phenomenal, and that being an isolated community, people tended to keep a lot on hand anyway, but they were looking forward to being able to get perishables.

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