British prostitutes have been comparing notes on clients, and getting advice on pricing, in an online forum.

The site sees escorts warn about dangerous men - with sex workers recounting horrific ordeals, including being robbed, attacked and threatened.

They also open up about clients who refuse to pay and raise awareness of stalkers and men who remove condoms during encounters.

In one horrifying post this month, an anonymous user posted on the site, called Support and Advice for Escorts (Saafe), about being chased by two men in what she suspected was a turf battle.


After being driven off the road in a terrifying-sounding car chase, the escort wrote: "The cowards drove off before we could get a licence plate and left me and my driver for dead.

"We believe they were after money or stupidly assumed I had driven there alone, one of the two.

"We also believe this was maybe gang related and they didn't like other escorts on their turf, with how quiet things are right now we believe these animals are getting desperate to line their own pockets and don't care about killing off the competition."

She continued that she would be avoiding Essex, as it is "simply to dangerous" to make a living there.

Another thread this month warns about a robber in Bedford, while another recounted a "rough" man in London.

In each case, the phone numbers of the clients are shared, with the last two numbers missing.

After reading one warning, an escort posted to the woman who warned of a dangerous client: "I want to thank you for posting this, he has just text me, I searched the number and this post has popped up so I am not booking him in, you saved me."

The site also includes a section to discuss issues relating to sexual health, as well as threads asking about dating customers, tips on how to unwind, and whether working while on your period is acceptable.