Spark will waive the usual fees for moving or terminating a broadband contract early for people forced to move as a result of this week's earthquakes.

Spark Home, Mobile, and Business CEO, Jason Paris, said the cost could usually be up to $190 for people when they move.

"For those people it must be a hugely stressful time, and the news they may need to move is always devastating.

"We think the most important thing we can do is help make this process as smooth as we can at our end, and waiving fees is the right thing to do," Paris said.

Early Termination Fees are charged if a contract is cancelled before the term is up, and the amount depends on the connection type and how much time is left on the contract.

While these standard fees will be waived any non-standard installation fees will still need to be charged.

Affected customers are urged to talk to Spark about their needs as soon as they are able to, either by ringing 123 or via Live Chat on

Meanwhile, telecommunications has been restored in Kaikoura overnight.

Broadband and IP voice services were restored at 11pm last night, after Vodafone, Spark and Chorus collaborated to re-route traffic to Wellington and Christchurch through provisioned capacity on Vodafone's Aqualink cable.


All of Kaikoura's 1,466 broadband customers should see their broadband service restored.

However, specific local issues following the earthquakes, such as loss of power to a street cabinet or damage to an individual's line, may result in some faulty connections.

Waiau residents should now have full access to landline services and broadband should be re-established later today.