They say you can spot a single Tiffany & Co. diamond from across a crowded room, but in the New York jeweller's new Britomart store, they're everywhere.

And you can take one home for somewhere between $5000 and "a couple of million."

The 430 square metre luxury store occupies the entire ground floor of Australia House, at 33 Galway Street opened today.

Step inside and you are welcomed by a smiling doorman, and leather gloved staff.


A portrait of Audrey Hepburn of Breakfast at Tiffany's fame adorns the wall, overlooking brightly lit cases of sparkling gold, silver and diamonds.

Curious passers by and serious shoppers flowed into the store this morning. A young couple looked at engagement rings, while two labourers in shorts and steel cap boots tried on watches.

Tiffany & Co open in Auckland

Los Angeles native, and Oceania sales director Bill Nolan said the company had spent the last seven years looking for the perfect location for the Auckland store.

"New York is involved in the design of the store, it's a heritage listed building so we've maintained the integrity of the design on the exterior," Nolan said.

The store has a private room for customers to use, which features couches in the trademark Tiffany Pantone 1837 blue colour and is styled based on a New York apartment.

It also features three salons for "fine" jewellery including diamond engagement rings; watches; and fashion pieces, and a customer service room for cleaning and repairing.

The company's marketing director Michaela Langley said they called the New Zealand store the "mini New York flagship," complete with its Atlas clock over the entrance way - a replica of the clock installed at the 5th Avenue store in 1878.

All diamonds came from known sources, Langley said.

"We are unable to trace each individual stone at this point in time, however we do know the sources from which all of our diamonds come from."