Spark managing director Simon Moutter has gifted 6,000 shares in the company to his executive assistant, Mary-Anne Powell, showing appreciation for many years of service.

Powell has worked as Moutter's executive assistant since they were both at Spark's predecessor Telecom, following him to Auckland International Airport when he was appointed chief executive there in 2008, and then to his current role at Spark in 2012.

She is named as the beneficiary of the gift in an ongoing disclosure notice released to the NZX yesterday. The company's stock last traded at $3.465, valuing the gift at $20,790.

The gesture was a personal decision by Moutter, and he declined to comment further, a Spark spokesman said.


The 6,000 shares are a drop in the ocean of Moutter's holding. The documents show he owns 1,135,154 ordinary shares, 380,262 restricted shares, 227,407 redeemable ordinary shares and 761,723 share rights.

Shares in Spark have risen 7.6 per cent since the start of the year.