Amid the chaos of lithium-ion batteries and spontaneous combustion, Samsung is now supplying fireproof return packaging to Galaxy Note 7 users.

The Korean-owned electronics conglomerate appears to be taking the issue seriously by ensuring Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users return their potentially explosive devices by ground mail.

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Tech website Gizmodo is reporting the fireproof boxes come equipped with a pair of gloves, instructions, thermal-insulated box and a static shielding bag.


In a video posted to YouTube the explosion-proof box can be seen to have multiple layers, but is surprisingly made of cardboard.

Inside three bigger boxes is the small Samsung phone box.

The attached instructions state the company "wants to make device exchanges easy and convenient as possibe" with the box made specifically for the Note 7, according to the video.

The outside of the box states it is for damaged defective lithium-ion batteries and forbidden for transport by aircraft.

Instructions state the Galaxy Note 7 should be put inside the static shield sleeve, inside the smallest replacement box and then in to the thermal protective box.

Samsung initiated a worldwide recall of the Note 7 on Monday. It has since ended production of new units of the phone.

Watch: Samsung's explosion-proof Note 7 return packaging: