A New Zealand customer has come forward with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7, reporting that the device caught fire.

Telco Spark released a statement late tonight saying it had been made aware of an incident involving one of its customers.

"Spark has become aware this afternoon of one incident involving a Spark customer's Note7 device,'' the company said.

A spokeswoman told the Herald tonight: "So what's happened is the customer has noticed that the phone was sort of heating up. It subsequently caught fire and they've since brought it into a Spark store.


"We've sent the phone to Samsung, who have received it and are investigating it.''

A Spark statement said: "Recently we have been conducting a global investigation and exchange programme related to Galaxy Note 7 battery issues and, unfortunately, we have received a report of one such incident occurring in New Zealand.

"Fortunately, we understand no person or property was harmed in the incident."

It is thought to be the first reported incident in New Zealand, following several incidents overseas where phones have suddenly exploded or caught fire.

US consumer safety officials said they're investigating five incidents of fire or overheating since the company announced a recall last month and cost estimates are now in the billions.

The company said customer safety remained Samsung NZ's top priority and earlier today the decision was made to ask for all sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 to be stopped.

The company is still urging customers with this particular model to return them as soon as possible for a full refund or another phone.