Samsung's publicity nightmare continues with a third report in a week of a "safe" Note 7 catching fire.

This latest report is particularly damming because it claims Samsung knew that a replacement Note 7 had caught fire prior to the incident later in the week when a Southwest Airlines flight in Louisville was evacuated because of smoke coming from a replacement phone.

Michael Klering, of Kentucky, has told Kentucky news site WKYT that he woke up on Tuesday last week at 4am to find smoke filling his bedroom.

"The phone is supposed to be the replacement, so you would have thought it would be safe," he told WKYT. "It wasn't plugged in. It wasn't anything, it was just sitting there."


Klering was reportedly treated for smoke inhalation.

This latest incident follows a report that a Minnesota teenage girl felt a "weird, burning sensation" while holding a replacement phone.

WKYT reports Klering is considering legal action after he claims to have inadvertently received a text from a Samsung representative which dismissed his complaints.

After the Southwest Airlines incident, Samsung said it was working to recover the device to determine if it was a replacement phone.

News Corp Australia today has sought comment today from Samsung on the latest report.

Samsung has urged all customers with an original Note 7 to return the phone to Samsung Australia or to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement phone.