Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief Michael Barnett shares his thoughts on the future

Michael Barnett -- celebrating 25 years as chief executive of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce -- reckons the "fallout from globalisation" will be the single factor with the greatest impact on business over the next five years.

He says infrastructure build, housing and immigration are the biggest issues facing the nation.

On infrastructure, he says the country needs to accelerate the pace of decision-making, be prepared to do things differently and adopt a different view of debt.

Barnett warns Immigration New Zealand needs to stop thinking they know best. "The system is being rorted -- we are getting the numbers but not the talent.


"For over five years we have been celebrating a strong economy but the barriers to optimising the benefits of the good times such as skills, talent, immigration and infrastructure build have not been adjusted quickly enough for us to get the benefits we could have."

He says achieving top-line revenue growth, meeting customer expectations and regulatory challenges are the work issues most likely to keep him awake at night.

He is celebrating 25 years as chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce; the chamber has invested in a new building and will need to fit it out and establish a new home.

That's one of his top three business priorities for the next 12 months along with retiring debt and acquiring new income streams.

As a CEO, he believes it is important to take a stand on some public and political issues.

He agrees the Government's current economic programme is good for business but would like to see more targeted programmes and initiatives.