The highly anticipated iPhone 7 has landed in New Zealand into the hands of customers who pre-ordered Apple's newest device last week.

Apple unveiled the high-spec device at an event in San Francisco live-streamed by millions around the world.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the latest generation of Apple's smartphone that exploded onto the market nine years ago.

Spark has sold out of the new phone already and some customers who pre-ordered the device missed out on the first drop.


The telco said it will be getting more stock over the next few weeks which will go first to pre-orders and then to general release.

Vodafone's flagship store on Queen Street had Apple fans lining up from as early as 8pm last night to be among the first in the country to buy the iPhone 7.

Max Grant, the first customer to get his new iPhone 7 at Spark's Queen St store.
Max Grant, the first customer to get his new iPhone 7 at Spark's Queen St store.

Max Grant, 25, was the first customer to get his hands on his pre-ordered phone at Spark's Queen St store.

There were no overnight camp-outs on Queen St for Grant, he knew one of the Alpha 1 robots was queuing up for him.

The waterproof feature of the iPhone 7 was the biggest selling point for him, he said.

Irene Hu of Auckland received her iPhone 7 Plus by drone. She was one of the first Vodafone customers to pre-order the phone online last week.

Vodafone delivered the new iPhone in a drone that flew from the telco's headquarters in Viaduct Harbour to the Hilton Hotel on Princes Wharf.

Die-hard Aussie Apple fans began forming a queue to get their hands on the iPhone 7 nearly 48 hours before the new iPhone was due to hit the Apple store in Sydney this morning.


Late yesterday, Apple announced there would be no iPhone 7 Plus or jet black iPhone 7 units available in stores around the world for walk-in customers because they were already sold out.