A few days ago I was thinking about the businesses that I regularly enjoy spending money with.

I quickly identified three businesses that I have used on multiple occasions and have had an enjoyable experience each time.

When I thought about why I enjoyed spending money with each business I realised that there some valuable marketing lessons that I could take away these businesses.

So here are three businesses I enjoy spending money with and the marketing lessons I've learned from each business.


Business One: Avanti Plus Cycles in West Gate Auckland.

I've been a client of this business for a number of years and have spent thousands of dollars on bikes, biking accessories and biking supplies.

I like a lot of things about dealing with this business.

First of all the owner (Jeff Webb) really knows his stuff. Whenever I ask Jeff a question about anything to do with biking I get an answer that is very helpful.

Jeff is also very low key and non-pushy and I have the feeling that whatever he recommends is always in my best interests.

Jeff also stands by his products 100 per cent. I recall buying a brand new bike earlier this year and it just wasn't quite right.

Jeff fixed every problem I had with this new bike but I still wasn't happy.

So Jeff took the bike back and gave me another brand new bike at no charge.
This new bike is perfect and I love riding it.

Jeff and his team all know my name and when I go into their store so I always feel like I'm a valued client.

My marketing lessons from Jeff are to know your product or service really well and if a client is not happy do things to make sure they are happy. A good client will not only come back and buy again they will also recommend your business to many other people they know. (Like I'm doing right now in this Herald column.)

Business Two: Marcus Motors in Parnell Auckland.

I use Marcus Motors a number of times each year to have our cars serviced. The owner Dave is very knowledgeable about anything to do with cars and always explains what needs doing in plain English. He also provides a courtesy car while my car is being serviced. He calls me by name and makes me feel valued.

A good client will not only come back and buy again they will also recommend your business to many other people they know.


My marketing lessons from Marcus Motors are to explain to clients carefully what needs doing, make their life easier (in their case by providing a courtesy car) and make your clients feel valued.

Business Three: Mixed Moon Restaurant in New Lynn Auckland.

I've been to this restaurant half a dozen times this year and I love the great food and friendly service.

On one occasion I forgot to tell the waitress that I wanted my food medium spicy and it came out a little on the bland side.

However when I spoke to the manager of the restaurant about my error she immediately took away the food and replaced the meals (at no charge) with meals that were medium spicy. No fuss, just great customer service.

My marketing lessons from Mixed Moon restaurant are to provide a good product or service that clients love and fix things quickly if there is a problem.

Now when I read over why I like each business I realise that most of what they do is just common sense. Make your client feel special and offer a good quality product or service. (And if there is a problem fix it quickly.)

However by doing these simple things well they turn people like me into raving fans who are happy to recommend their business to other people.

"One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising." - Jim Rohn

Action Exercise:

• Which businesses do you regularly enjoy spending money with?

• What do they do that you like? What lessons could you take from these businesses and use in your own business?