An Air New Zealand flight has landed safely after earlier sparking a scare at Auckland International Airport.

Emergency services rushed to the airport shortly before 4.30pm after it was reported one of tyres on flight Air NZ 9 was flat.

An airport spokesman confirmed the safe landing of the plate. Emergency services were stood down at 5pm.

It is understood there were more than 280 passengers on board. The flight was reportedly due at 4.35pm but its arrival was delayed as the drama unfolded.


A Fire Service spokesman earlier said eight fire crews had assembled at the airport awaiting the plane's arrival.

A police spokesman said they had been called to assist the Fire Service with a "stand-by job" in a monitoring role.

Air NZ 9 was coming from Honolulu.

A live online tracker showed the flight had deviated from its flight path in preparation for landing.

Air New Zealand said in a statement that the flight landed safely and without incident about 4:57pm.

"Airport-based fire trucks were on standby as a precaution due to a suspected issue with one of the aircraft's eight tyres. This is in line with normal operating procedure," the statement said.

Passengers onboard the plane described the landing as fairly routine despite the emergency response awaiting flight's arrival.

Deb Hannon and Myrtle Mackay were on their way back to New Zealand after a shopping trip to Honolulu.

"Before we went to land he said you might notice it's a bit wobbly. But we didn't really notice anything the only thing was the carriage was a bit shaky."

Camille Sinclair had been with husband in Hawaii for a surprise birthday trip.

"We weren't worried"

"It was a bit bumpy though and pilot spoke during the whole thing and was very calm."

Another passenger, Gabrielle Moros, said: "When we landed the plane bumped and went a bit sideways"