Google Calendar Secrets Part 1:

Who has time to delve into settings in your software? We're all too franticly busy. So let me do the work and give you some clever ways to use some of the hidden features of the marvelous piece of free software - Google Calendar.

This week - Sales, marketing and sharing secrets. Next week stunning productivity boosts.

Google calendar is as you know Cloud based. This means Internet connection required. The benefit for you is you or anyone can access it anywhere and anytime (with the link - next tip below). Syncing of course between your phone, tablet, computer.

You can create multiple Google calendars and these in turn can be private or public. You can share these calendars with others via a link.


Directions: Settings > Calendar > Sharing (on the right hand side) > select 'make this calendar public' or share with specific people (and enter the email address(es). Further the events you put on your calendar(s) can be public or private.

Directions: When creating the event select Edit. On the bottom select visibility - calendar default, public, private.

Are you thinking so what? Well here is where clever thinking comes in. Applying your problems with crafty use of software that creates magnificent solutions - and in this case free and easy.

The Gems:

Embed calendar

- you probably didn't know that you can create a (public) calendar and embed it in your website.

Directions: Go to Calendar>settings > select your calendar (it will be underlined and in blue). Halfway down the page you'll see Embed this calendar with the code to paste into your website.

Wouldn't this be a great idea for any small business or self-employed professional to gain more appointments? Allow clients/patients to view your schedule and book themselves in. One of the features of Google Calendar is the automatic email prompts every day.

Family use - create a family Google Calendar and give all your kids the log in. Have them put in their sports days, exam days and other important days. If one of you travels for work - put that in. Assign a different labeling colour to family members. This way everyone has access and knowledge of where everyone is and what is on the horizon.


Small Business use - This is a great way to track sales reps or different staff members' appointments, days off, movements. Chose one calendar to be the base, then add the other team members onto this calendar. It will show a joint team view.