Flowers and gardening accessories may not be viewed as traditional Fathers Day gifts but it appears spending on the celebration is changing.

The latest data from electronic payments company Paymark showed spending in garden shops had the highest increase for the four days leading up to Fathers Day compared with the week before.

"Dads received the traditional books and sports equipment with both categories rising in the four days leading into Father's Day when compared with the previous week," the company said.

"But spending on flowers was up - more so than car accessories which might suggest a change in the way we celebrate fatherhood."


The highest spend for the period was in the restaurants and cafes sector with $51.8 million spent over the period.

Clothing and apparel came in second with $22 million and overall across the categories consumers spent $624.8 million.

Paymark data showed spending declined for the month of August after seasonal effects were taken into account.

The company said it would take a few more weeks to see if momentum had slowed or if this was due to consumers being pre-occupied with the Olympic Games and other distractions.

Spending over the four days prior to Fathers Day compared to the previous week:

• Garden shops - up 30.8%

• Bookshops - up 22.5%

• Sporting goods - up 17.3%

• Gift shops - up 8.5%

• Florists - up 7.7%

• Restaurants or cafes - up 3.3%

• Clothing and apparel - up 0.5%

• Car accessories - up 0.3%