Spark is giving out free data to its customers thanks to growing demand in usage.

The telecommunications provider today announced it will increase its home and business broadband data caps by 50 per cent.

Spark chief executive of home and business broadband Jason Paris said the company was changing its plans to reflect the changing needs of customers.

"Customers are using more data in their daily lives. Average data usage on Spark's broadband networks grew by 37 per cent in 2014 and by 67 per cent in 2015. From streaming their favourite shows, to video calling their families, there's a clear trend for increased data usage across the board," Paris said.


Home broadband customers currently on a 40GB plan will be upgraded to 60GB at no additional cost, and those on 80GB will be upgraded to 120GB.

Business customers on 30GB bundles will be upgraded to 50GB and those on 80GB will also be increased to 120GB.

Paris said Spark is simplifying its broadband plans so "customers can easily compare and select the best broadband connection available to them at their place."

More than 80 per cent of Spark home broadband customers will receive extra data at no additional cost.

A small minority of customers, however, may be subject to a price increase.

"Plan simplification and future proofing of our costs mean Spark will be raising prices on some of our Home fibre and wireless broadband plans by $5 per month - and on some of our Business wireless bundles by $3 per month," he said.

"However, we won't pass these costs on to Home customers until September 2017 and Business customers until September 2018; although they will see the new price on their bill, they will also see a credit covering the increased price."

Spark will cover all additional costs for existing home broadband and business broadband customers until September 2017 and September 2018.


Data changes and price increases will come in to effect on September 6 for new customers.

Data increases:

• Customers on capped copper (ADSL and VDSL) will receive 50 per cent more data.
• Customers on capped wireless will receive 50 per cent more data.
• Customers on capped fibre plans will receive 50 per cent more data.

Price increases:

• $5 - for some customers on capped wireless.
• $5 - for some customers on capped Fibre plans.
• $5 - customers on unlimited Fibre 30 and Fibre 100 plans.
• $4 - Business customers on the current 80GB Wireless Bundle.

No changes:

• Those currently on unlimited copper (ADSL and VDSL) plans.
• Customers on Gigatown plans.