If you're not already an avid Uber punter, this might be enough to persuade you to sign up.

Meet "Grandma Uber", an adorable Brisbane grandmother who joined the transporting service for a specific "purpose" - and that is getting people, particularly young women, home safe.

Kathy Raydings, 57, left her previous job of six years due to an injury and has been driving for the past five months now.

"My purpose here is to make sure the women of Brisbane get home safe".


Not only does Grandma Uber offer a safe, reliable ride, she also treats her customers to homemade slice, chocolates and energy drinks. What more could you want!?

Kathy is becoming a bit of a rising star on Facebook, with nearly 2000 followers, a whole lotta sweet statuses and plenty of customer selfies!

You guys are amazing, you book me out all day and all night and I am so grateful to you. Right now I'm doing locations...

Posted by Kathy Raydings aka Grandma on Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Go give nanna a follow.

Grandma Uber is obviously in very high demand as she's calling out for more grannies to join the Uber service.

You get a five-star rating from us, Grandma Uber. Legend.