The Rio Olympic Games are now well underway.

As I write this column New Zealand now have a silver medal in shooting. (Thanks to the great efforts of Natalie Rooney from Timaru. Well done Natalie!)

And I know our Kiwi athletes will get many more medals as well.

The purpose of my column today is to give you some quick thoughts on how to get 'Gold Medal' marketing results in your business.


When I work with any marketing client or speak to an audience of business people I always look at three key areas where they could potentially improve their results.

These three key areas are...

1: Lead Generation

In other words how can you get a good number of qualified, interested prospects to make contact with your business?

You could use an info magnet that a qualified prospect would be keen to get from you because it helps them solve a big problem or reach an important goal.

An info magnet can be an article, booklet, webinar, special report, ezine and so on. It should contain valuable info that appeals to a potential client for your business.

In my Herald column last week I shared helpful ideas and examples on how to create an effective info magnet.

Key Area 2: Sales conversion

A useful step here is to 'reduce risk' in the mind of your potential client.

The lower the perceived risk in the mind of your client, the more likely they are to buy from you.

An excellent strategy to reduce risk and improve your sales conversions is to use positive testimonials from your best clients.

Ideally you want testimonials that spell out exactly how your client benefited from using your products and services.

And why they would highly recommend them to other people they know.

Key Area 3: Repeat and referral business

The goal here is to create a community of raving fans who eagerly recommend your products and services to people they know.

A key concept I recommend to all my clients is AVSIT Marketing.

AVSIT means Add Value Stay In Touch.

When you add value and stay in touch with clients, potential clients and centres of influence you develop great relationships with these people. (And this is what creates large amounts of repeat and referral business on a regular basis.)

One of my favourite ways to use AVSIT marketing is to send out two page added value newsletters in hard copy format.

I send these to clients, potential clients and key centres of influence who can give me referrals.

These newsletters are directly responsible for a huge amount of my new sales each year and are one of my most effective marketing resources.

I've also shown a number of my clients how to use these same hard copy newsletters in their own business as a marketing tool.

And many of them are getting excellent results as well.

Here's a good example...

Hi Graham, We started using your newsletters because we wanted a resource that would allow us to stay to stay in touch in an added value way with our clients, potential clients and key contacts. We know that many of our clients will only use our services every 3-4 years. We didn't want to hassle these clients by phoning them frequently. However we still wanted a way to create a positive relationship with these clients over a long period of time. Your added value newsletter looked like the perfect way to stay in touch regularly with our clients and our key business contacts. Because it's in hard copy format (rather than digital format) it gets read and often gets passed on from one person to another. A large number of the people we send the newsletter to have told us they really like the positive and fun ideas that each issue contains. We are enjoying a lot of benefits from sending out these added value newsletters each month. First of all we stay in touch in a positive way with clients, potential clients and key contacts each month. So we are always 'top of mind' with these people. Secondly we've noticed that by staying in touch like this it has stimulated some excellent repeat and referral business from the people we send it to. It's also nice to have our business associated with positive ideas. Your added value newsletter has been a wonderful marketing investment for us. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to use it."
Karen Healy
The Finance Lady

If you would like some ideas on how to use AVSIT Marketing in your own business just send me an email with your business details and a 'snail mail' postal address. (Include the words 'AVSIT in the subject line.)

I'll send you a free hard copy of one of these newsletters along with some ideas on how you can increase sales by using AVSIT Marketing. (This is with my compliments.)

In the meantime, best wishes for Gold Medal marketing results in your business.

Action Exercise:

Look at the three key areas for gold medal marketing results.

What can you do this month to help you do better in any of these areas?

"The difference between a good athlete and a top athlete is the top athlete will do the mundane things when nobody's looking." - Susan True