Doomed Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been found to have taken a catastrophic dive, extensive analysis by defence scientists has revealed.

Defence scientists' theory fits with analysis of the signals sent out automatically between the aircraft and satellites.

In the aircraft's final moments it is understood to have taken a plunge falling 20,000 feet a minute before plowing in to the Indian Ocean off Western Australia.

Briefings by the aircraft's manfacturer Boeing indicate the plane would have slowed and lost lift once the engine power was lost, with the nose of the plane dipping, peaking briefly and then descending, the Australian Business Review reported.


The Australian reported that a series of briefings revealed this process would have happened a few times before the aircraft dove nose-first in a "fugoid motion in a series of downward swoops".

Scientist's believe the impact would have been catastrophic.

Little wreckage of the missing aircraft has been found since it slipped off aviation radars in 2014.