New Zealand is one of nine countries in the OECD where there are more mobile connections than people, and connections that access only data are growing.

In December 2015 New Zealand had 118 mobile broadband connections per 100 people, according to research by the OECD released today.

Wireless mobile broadband subscriptions are defined by the OECD as mobile plans with data speeds of 256 kbit/s or greater.

The OECD only records plans that have been used to connect to the internet in the previous three months.


The December 2015 record comes after 94.6 connections per 100 people were recorded in December 2014.

New Zealand joins eight other OECD countries that have previously had penetration above 100 per cent.

The total 4.99 million mobile broadband connections were made up 28.4 per cent by data and and voice plans, and 79.6 per cent data-only subscriptions.

Japan has overtaken Finland as mobile broadband leader, with a penetration rate of 138.8 per cent versus 135.4 per cent in Finland.