Missing out

In my experience interviewing thousands of candidates for all manner of jobs, I am always amazed at how poorly most candidates "close" their portion of the interview. Time and time again I would think a candidate was not interested in a role I had available, then find after they miss out, that they were "heartbroken" as they really wanted the job!

For some reason many candidates believe that they should not show too much interest in the opportunity, lest they be seen as "desperate". Sadly, they then look as if they have no interest in the job and are therefore counted out of the final employment decision.

Although I definitely subscribe to the idea that a great interview is a two-way process (the candidate is interviewing the company as much as the company is interviewing them), it's vital that a candidate show they are interested in the opportunity, ensuring the employer receives this message loud and clear.


As the interview is entering its final stage, its important you do the following:

Ask if the interviewer requires anything else

Ensure the interviewer has all the information required to make a quality decision regarding your employment suitability. Asking "is there any other information you need to determine my suitability for this role?" will allow the interviewer to take quickly stock of the material in front of them and ask for more information if required. This also shows you are proactive and want to support the interviewer in their role.

Remember if they request further information, ensure you get it to them within 24 hours of the interview, highlighting your promptness and ability to follow through.

Tell them you are interested

As you are shaking hands to say goodbye, ensure you thank them and briefly discuss one point of your suitability. For example:

"Thanks again Gemma for the opportunity to meet you for this exciting opportunity. I really believe my strong background in sales and marketing would really assist in this role."

This shows you are keen on progressing further in the interview process, and highlights one of your skills that are in line with their needs.


Where to from here?

Finally ensure you ask how the selection process will proceed from this point. This gives you their timeline and again shows your interest in the process and the role.

Perception equals reality

If you are perceived to be an interested, engaged and highly suitable candidate, this becomes the reality. Aanother candidate may be more qualified or experienced but there is a good chance your ability to positively close the interview will give you the winning edge!
Tom O'Neil is an award winning business speaker and best-selling international author. You can contact Tom on tom@tomoneil.com