Kiwi men would rather shop than drink beer and watch rugby, a new survey reveals.

Research conducted by AMP Capital Shopping Centres' recommended retail practice report showed 75 per cent of New Zealand men liked to shop and 22 per cent love it.

It also revealed 56 per cent of Kiwi men visit a shopping centre at least once a week, and more men than women - 75 per cent and 67 per cent respectively - were increasing the amount they spend on fashion.

AMP Capital Shopping Centres managing director Bryan Hynes said the results were "truly fascinating" and retailers needed to focus on male shoppers.


"The male shopper has certainly been overlooked by many retailers in the past, and it's important that we as an industry re-engage with this important group of consumers.

Retailers need to do more to provide an engaging experience for men that shows they understand their wants and needs, whether it be through the physical decor of the store or by serving them with tailored communications," he said.

This echoed the results of the survey which revealed 28 per cent of men would spend more on stores and online if it was designed and co-ordinated to make it more efficient and enjoyable.

The report also found the majority of shoppers were time-poor and looking for ways to cut down time spent on chores and errands, in order to maximise their leisure time.

The increase of self-serve supermarket checkouts and discount department stores reflected this, the report stated.

The Recommended Retail Practice Report found that 85 per cent of shoppers would spend as much, or more, if shopping experiences were designed to be more efficient and easy.

Mr Hynes said: "For many people, time is money. Retailers need to be looking at ways to make the process of shopping for goods as efficient as possible, while at the same time creating special experiences for shoppers who visit your store which are just as, or more, compelling than the online option."

Eighty-four per cent of shoppers -- men and women -- would spent as much or more if stores made a positive contributions to the community.


Five hundred Kiwis participated in the survey.

Poll results

Men: What do you like to do in your spare time?

• Watch sport

• Hang out with mates

• Play a sport

• Drinking

• Go fishing

• Watch TV

• Sleep

• Play golf

• Go to the gym