New Zealand bulk retailer Container Door is taking its disruptive shopping concept to the Australian market after an "overwhelming" response in New Zealand.

The Auckland-based company, which launched in September last year, links customers to suppliers worldwide, allowing shoppers to buy products in bulk orders by clubbing together.

Container Door's business model uses online advertising and products are listed for sale on its website. Shoppers then browse and sign up to buy them. Once a shipping container is filled the deal will go through and the goods are shipped to New Zealand.

An example of a container door product ad.
An example of a container door product ad.

Surfboards, kayaks and garden furniture are a few of the hot ticket items sold through the company.


Company founder Ben Nathan said he had wanted to succeed in New Zealand before expanding to Australia and other world markets.

The disruptive retail model - built around the idea of a customer community - also allows members to suggest products for the company to stock.

Nathan said the business model allowed him to source what customers want, from factories around the world.

"We are turning the traditional sales model on its head with this new way to shop.

"By grouping individual orders together, we can cut out the agents, distributors and retailers and with no big store rents we can offer goods at prices that New Zealand hasn't ever seen," he said.

The products are handpicked, tested and approved by the Container Door team.