As the launch date for David Jones Wellington approaches, the company has teased some of its opening events, saying it will be one to remember.

A launch ceremony with the company executives will be followed by in-store specials, discounts, stands showcasing the brands and a number of other offers for shoppers.

Chief operations officer David Thomas said the retailer had kept the original faade of the former Kirkcaldie and Stains building and had worked the various elements of the original site into its new design.

"We've had to keep a lot of the interior beams and spaces ... I think shoppers will recognise the original Kirks elements in the new setting," he said.


Although Wellington was the first New Zealand city to get a David Jones, shoppers nationwide will eventually be able to purchase products online.

Thomas said the company would look at establishing an online presence once the physical store had opened and been bedded-in.

The store has also been designed to be flexible in its offering, with Thomas saying David Jones would swap out brands and try different labels to see what worked on this side of the Tasman. Having announced the brands last week, which include Camilla and Marc, Shona Joy and Aesop, David Jones Wellington will open on July 28.

Otago University vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne.
Otago University vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne.
Ilse Wolfe and Taylor Green. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
Ilse Wolfe and Taylor Green. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

Heineken Live

Feel like a helicopter ride across the city to one of the biggest parties of the night? Free flights around the country? Or maybe just a free beer?

It may sound too good to be true but Heineken is offering all of this through its latest Heineken Live App - taking things to new heights through one of the more interesting marketing campaigns of the year.

According to Heineken, the app aims to encourage people to get out and explore their city and be rewarded for it.

The free app uses GPS and iBeacon technology installed in more than 120 outlets across the country to allocate points to app users based on how many times they visit different Heineken venues.

The more venues visited, the more points accrued and the more rewards offered. The company has put up more than $500,000 worth of prizes for the first six months of the campaign.


Heineken New Zealand marketing manager Taylor Green said the company had tried to bring a world-class experience to its customers.

"Imagine being out with your friends on a Friday night and getting a notification on your phone saying there's a helicopter booked to take you to an amazing party on the other side of the city.

" There are some unforgettable experiences on offer that wouldn't be out of place in London or New York," Green said.