We've all been there. You add a Snapchat Story, and check to see who has - or hasn't - looked at it.

It's normally the same people keeping tabs on you, but how do you know if someone has blocked or deleted you?

Fortunately, if you just have to know, there's a way to check that and it's not difficult. According to TechInsider if you want to make sure someone's still following you all you have to do is search for their name in your friends list and tap and hold their name to bring up their Snapcode (the yellow ghost icon).

Here's the moment of truth - if you mutually follow each other you should be able to see your friend's Snapscore underneath their Snapcode. Their Snapscore is the total sum of every photo and video they've sent or received in the app.


If you can't see their number, though, that means they don't follow you back. Maybe they never followed you back in the first place, or you were making that Snapscore number rise faster than they would have liked resulting in a swift unfollow or a more brutal block. Now you can trawl through your entire friends list and find out either way.

The revelation comes as Snapchat announces massive changes to how the app works.
Memories is a new way to save Snaps and Stories and keep them in a personal collection that lives below the Camera screen. Just swipe up from the Camera to open Memories.
It's easy to find the Snap or Story you're looking for in just a few seconds by typing keywords.

Snapchat said it wants users to "feel comfortable showing their Memories to friends while they're hanging out together, so we made it easy to move Snaps and Stories to My Eyes Only - and avoid awkward moments when a friend stumbles upon a Snap meant just for you."

Memories will be rolled out over the next month or so.