Live updates and reaction to Bill English's Budget speech
INTERACTIVE: Where the money is being spent
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$2.2 billion more in health, including $1.6 billion for district health boards over four years.

2. $1.44 billion more in education, including $882.5 million for classrooms and nine new schools. But a freeze on many schools' operational funding as $43 million is instead targeted at 150,000 at-risk children.


3. $39 million to roll out a national bowel screening programme.

4. $258 million to provide at least 750 more social housing places in Auckland.

5. $100 million to free up more Crown land in Auckland for housing.

6. Net debt forecast to peak at 25.6% of GDP next year and drop to 19.3% by 2020/21 - hitting Finance Minister Bill English's target of 20% by 2020

7. Forecast surplus of $668 million in 2015/16, rising to $5 billion by 2019.

8. Total new spending of $1.6 billion a year, plus an extra $480 million freed up from cuts or underspends elsewhere.

9. Tobacco tax to increase by 10 per cent a year every year - a packet of cigarettes will rise from $20 to $30 by 2020. Forecast to raise $425 million over four years.

10. Treasury forecasts economic growth of 2.8% over next five years and unemployment to drop below 5% in 2018. Inflation forecast to stay lower than expected for longer, rising to 2% in 2017.