All Spark home broadband customers will receive a free subscription to Lightbox for the entirety of their plan in a move announced by the telco today.

Spark Home, Mobile & Business CEO, Jason Paris said while the online TV market has grown at a rapid pace there was still a large proportion of New Zealanders yet to make the switch.

"With some of the world's best TV content now available in our own backyard, it no longer makes sense for our customers to be restricted by traditional TV services that dictate when and what shows they can watch."

Free access to 1GB of WiFi data at designated Spark WiFi zones will also be added to home broadband customers' plans.


Home broadband customers can register up to three devices in a household for free Spark WiFi allowing them to tap into any one of the 1000 Spark WiFi zones located across New Zealand.

Spark will be contacting all of its home broadband customers directly but customers can also check out its website for information on how to get Lightbox and free Spark WiFi.