Telemarketing is the most annoying type of advertising people can receive and can make people dislike the brand the marketer is promoting.

Research conducted by marketing firm HubSpot showed pop-up ads and auto-playing video advertisements on websites had a similar effect on two-thirds of people polled in the Asia-Pacific region.

The report found the most accepted forms of advertising were email newsletters, sponsored content on social media and television commercials.

"Email newsletters and email ads are unique forms of advertising that consumers have opted into... The control is all in the consumer's hands," HubSpot said.


Video advertising online that didn't play automatically was also more acceptable to people, HubSpot said.

Over 80 per cent of Asia-Pacific consumers polled by HubSpot said they have closed a browser or exited a website because of an auto-playing ad or a pop-up.

"So not only does the marketer's paid advertisement not connect with a consumer, the web host of the advertisement also loses a visitor. Coupled with the generally negative reaction consumers have for these types of interruptive online ads, it really seems like a lose-lose option to pursue."

Ad-blockers are posing a real problem for advertisers, HubSpot said, because over half of the respondents to the global survey had installed software to block ads appearing on websites.