There's an episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror in which people can play back memories directly to their eyes.

The ability to do so ends in tragedy and horror after one man goes through every interaction his wife had with another man to piece together an affair.

He confronts the other man and demands to view his interactions with his wife. It's as depressing as it sounds.

Well now that technology is within grasp. South Korean tech giant Samsung patented contact lens which can record footage, take photos and project augmented reality on to eyes, controlled by something as simple as blinking.


The patent was filed in 2014 but revealed just days ago meaning Samsung may have been working on the tech for a while now.

The device would also allow users to connect wirelessly to their smartphones.

Samsung will face an interesting judicial and moral battle if they go ahead with the technology. After all, Google Glass failed to take off not just because it was dorky, but because people found it creepy that they could be unknowingly recorded.

Image, for instance, a two people involved in an intimate liaison with one having the discreet ability to snap photos and videos. Troubling.

Google also expressed interest on contact lens technology, but mainly to monitor glucose levels in diabetics rather than ruin relationships.