A smart suitcase may be all you need to solve your travel woes.

Tech-savvy travellers who like to have all the modern comforts of home and connectivity should look no further as Raden has a smart suitcase that aims to make travelling easier.

The latest in travel technology, designed by smart luggage company Raden, is equipped with USB charging ports, location awareness technology and a built in weight sensor in the case handle.

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Raden's Travel Sentry Approved "A series" smart suitcases come in two sizes (cabin size and hold size) and track suitcase locations and attain information on estimated security wait times through its Bluetooth technology and smartphone app.

Other features include a telescoping handle and four double-spinner wheels. The largest luggage model weighs five kilograms when empty, comes in a range of colours and costs US$595 (NZ$865) for the set of two.

Raden founder and CEO Joshua Udashkin told Forbes the company wanted to provide travellers a case that had everything needed to seamlessly get them to their destinations.

"The $40 billion luggage industry was lacking a brand that integrated technology, value, and sleek industrial design into a single bag, so we spent nearly two years in stealth mode to develop a product and brand that does just that," Udashkin said.

While the technology being used is not new, it is new to the travel industry.

Last year saw a range of smart luggage products hit the markets with suitcases that offer everything from biometric fingerprint locks to bluetooth speakers and digital system alerts.

Raden suitcase's two USB charging ports are powered by a removable battery integrated into the interior and a Bluetooth radio for app connectivity, which can be used to locate luggage.

Udashkin: "We want it to be a product travelers can't live without."

Other similar smart travel products on the market include the Planet Traveler SpaceCase 1, Andiamo iQ, Samsonite GeoTrakR and LugLoc.