The owners of Wicked Campers could find themselves in hot water over the use of certain images on their vans.

Coca-Cola and Disney have both said they are keeping an eye on Wicked Campers' use of their branding and characters on vans to make crude jokes alluding to drug use.

One campervan features an image of Snow White smoking drugs with the slogan "Crack, Enjoy," a play on Coke's branding message.

Coca-Cola NZ spokesman Neil Waka said the company would not be taking legal action at this point but were "keeping an eye" on Wicked Campers.


"The reality is we don't want to be associated with Wicked Campers and their inappropriate messages and imagery," he told the Herald.

A spokeswoman for Disney said the company did not want to comment.

"We are aware of the issue and are looking into it; however, we generally do not comment on possible or pending investigations or actions."

Wicked Campers has faced increasing backlash in recent weeks as police, government ministers, the Department of Conservation, campgrounds and the public object to offensive slogans painted on the sides of the company's campervans.

Associate Tourism minister Paula Bennett is one of three ministers trying to figure out how to get the troubling sexist advertisements on the Wicked Campers off the road.