The multinational companies identified by the Herald as being among the 20 most aggressive in shifting profits out of New Zealand had a range of reactions to our inquiries. Read them here:

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Goldman Sachs:

Did not reply.

"Facebook complies with New Zealand tax law, as we do in all countries where we operate. We take tax obligations seriously and work closely with national tax authorities to comply with local law."

Merck, Sharp & Dohme:
"MSD fully complies with all local and international tax laws and maintains a cooperative relationship with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD)."

Independent Liquor:
Did not reply.

Acknowledged receipt of questions, said "We are unlikely to comment."

Constellation Brands:
"We are strongly committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including tax and accounting laws, in New Zealand and wherever we do business.

"It is always the priority for Roche to follow local laws and regulation."

"We are strongly committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including tax and accounting laws, in New Zealand and wherever we do business."

Johnson & Johnson:
"The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in New Zealand complies with both the letter and the spirit of New Zealand tax law and pays its fair share of taxes."

"Novartis Group is fully compliant with all New Zealand tax laws and pays tax on taxable income earned in New Zealand."

"Google complies with the law in every country where we operate."

"Holcim New Zealand today confirmed that it complies with all New Zealand tax laws and is committed to paying tax locally as it has done since beginning operations there in 1888."

Did not reply.

Harvery Norman:
Said parent company did not operate as a retailer and just licenced brand to New Zealand stores.

Acknowledged receipt of questions. Did not reply.

"We can assure you that Methanex complies fully with all tax legislation and requirements in the countries it operates in, including New Zealand."

Procter and Gamble:
"P&G pays all the taxes we owe, worldwide. All of our business activities are fully compliant with the law and longstanding international standards, including the OECD Guidelines."

Pernod Ricard:
"The figures analysed are based on an incomparable combination of profit margins for two very different entities .... Pernod Ricard Winemakers New Zealand fulfills its tax obligations."

"Chevron NZ operations cannot be compared to its MNC Parent in the manner that you are currently undertaking... we meet all local tax obligations."

Methodology and sourcing:
Most recent financial reports filed with Companies Office; audited Annual Reports published by parent companies for corresponding period; profit-margin calculated as pre-tax earnings to revenue; weighted mean for average margins; list represents top 20 from list of 103 major firms owned by public-listed foreign owners and ranked by difference between New Zealand and parent margins.