Spark customers are in line for $33 credited to their phone or internet bill thanks to a rebate.

The company made a commitment last year to refund customers on capped copper-broadband plans and phone-only plans in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch after prices went up ahead of a Commerce Commission decision on the price of copper.

the refund won't be applied to all customers' phone and internet bills automatically, instead some customers need to apply online.

Eligible landline-only customers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and business customers will receive an automatic $33 credit in their March bill.


The refund comes after the Commerce Commission's decision not to allow Chorus to backdate higher fees it charges to Spark and other telecommunications companies on its copper network.

Prices for customers using copper broadband and landlines were raised in February last year with the view that Chorus' fee hike would be backdated.

Spark promised customers the rise on their bills would be paid back if the Commerce Commission did not opt to backdate the fee change.

Customers wanting to claim the $33 phone or internet credit can visit the Spark website here.