A doctor offering more than $400,000 a year has been looking for two years to find someone to help him run his Tokoroa practice in South Waikato. Tokoroa's median income is just $17,300 for people aged 15 and over and the town has some of the country's cheapest houses. We looked at what could $400,000 get you in Tokoroa

Two four-bedroom homes

This Trade Me listing for this Weka Place home is labelled "Be impressed" and at $185,000 for a four-bedroom family home and a garden big enough to put a pool in, the price is certainly impressive.

"Located in a lovely quiet cul-de-sac this brick family home is dressed to impress with spacious open-plan living and dining area kept cosy in winter with a large centrally located log burner on wetback," the listing reads.

The house is fully insulated and comes with a basement garage.


This business 13 times over

Dr Kenny's job offer requires long days, but comes with the perk of a four-day work week and 12 weeks of annual leave a year. The truly ambitious could use that free time to run a second business in Tokoroa. One option is to buy a commercial cleaning franchise for just over $30,000.

"If you are looking for a simple business opportunity in Tokoroa with low risk and a high profit margin then CrestClean's commercial cleaning franchise opportunities tick every box," the business listing reads on Trade Me.

The asking price of $33,500 would be well within budget and a good potential source of extra income if $400,000 wasn't enough.

A helicopter tour, plus picnic, 740 times

For a more relaxing use of that downtime, HeliA1 offershelicopter tours of the west coast beaches, plus a picnic, for $540 a person.

The company promotes the experience as a "true luxury" and an experience of a lifetime.

For only $56,160 a year, two people could take the 50-minute flight every weekend from nearby Otorohanga to a west coast beach, to picnic with a fresh hamper and sparkling wine.

This collectable copy of Early Tokoroa by Zelda Paul, 26,666 times

The collectable book is 48 pages with "delightful" black and white illustrations according to this Trade Me listing. Bidding starts at $15.

This badge, 33,333 times

This cloth badge is up for grabs at the modest price of $12. Photo / Trade Me
This cloth badge is up for grabs at the modest price of $12. Photo / Trade Me

Now you're all set to live in Tokoroa, why not show a little bit of town pride? You can use the change you have left from your large salary to buy this sweet wee Tokoroa cloth badge and have it sent to your reasonably priced house for just $12 all up.