Liam Dann will host a new weekly panel show called The Economy Hub which will be launched on on Thursday.

Dann, who was recently appointed Herald business editor-at-large, will each Thursday host a panel of top economists and analysts as they debate the big economic issues of the day.

Fran O'Sullivan, NZME's head of business, says the new show will be an important addition to the Herald's online business offering.

"It will also provide a great opportunity to showcase Liam Dann's talents and for the panel to shed light on big issues like the global economy, interest rates and China which are of importance to all New Zealand businesses and our broader business audiences," O'Sullivan said.


Dann said: "I'm thrilled to get the chance to drill down into the issues with some of our best economic and market commentators.

"We'll be aiming make sense of what's going on at global and local level and make it relevant to ordinary New Zealanders."

The Economy Hub will be videoed at NZME Central's new studios each Thursday morning.