Music sensation Stan Walker has spoken out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

In an Instagram post he voiced his opinion on the planned global trade deal, saying it will negatively impact New Zealand "forever".

"When will we have a leader that is for the people?... When will our voices be heard?... It is time to take a stand and fight for what is rightfully ours and for what is RIGHT!," he wrote captioned to an anti-TPPA protest flyer.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is set to be signed tomorrow morning at Auckland's Sky City.


The controversial deal aims to create a free trade pact between 12 countries around the Asia-Pacific region by removing tariffs on most NZ exports and imports, pledging to save $259 million a year.

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While the deal pledges to benefit all signatories, many are sceptical that it will benefit New Zealand.

The Kiwi-born singer based in Australia prompted his 144,000 followers to "read up" and "study" the affects the trade deal will have on Kiwis living in New Zealander and abroad.

"I choose my people, my land & the well being of our whenua & generations to come... What will you choose?," he said.

Walker addressed the immediacy of the situation, urging his followers to have their say.

"The TPPA undermines New Zealand's sovereignty and is a threat to our democracy. National has overestimated the benefits to New Zealand and negotiated it in secrecy," he wrote.

His post touches on legislation surrounding the deal, including policy changes that could effect New Zealand businesses and the property market.

"Under the TPPA: Our Parliament would not be allowed to ban overseas speculators from buying up Kiwi homes. Other countries, including Australia, negotiated an exemption from this clause but National failed to do so for New Zealand.

"Foreign corporations could sue the government over policy changes seen as affecting their businesses.

"New Zealanders' access to life-saving drugs could be restricted as our laws are tilted in favour of US pharmaceutical companies."

Stan Walker is one of a string of celebrities speaking out against the TPP deal, others include rugby players Piri Weepu and Liam Messam.