New Zealand customers at Vodafone will still be paying a $5-per-day fee to use their mobile phones on their regular plan in Australia, while their Aussie counterparts get the fee waived.

Vodafone Australia has announced the $5 roaming fee will be waived for all Australians travelling to New Zealand until December 1, meaning customers can use their phones as they would at home at no extra cost.

But, customers in New Zealand will not be getting the same treatment.

Vodafone NZ communications manager Libby Middlebrook said the offer would not be available for Kiwi customers.


"Vodafone companies operate separately from one another, in various markets right around the world. As such, at different times we choose to invest in our customers in different ways."

Middlebrook said Vodafone was confident the $5 daily roaming offer was "at least 60 per cent better value than our competitors".

"We know New Zealanders love to connect and want to stay in touch while they are overseas."

Vodafone Australia Chief Marketing Officer Loo Fun Chee said in a statement it was waiving the roaming fee to "give Australians a fair go when travelling".

Chee said Australia and New Zealand have "a wonderful cooperative relationship" and Vodafone Australia was "opening its network borders" by waiving the roaming fee.