Air New Zealand has launched a campaign encouraging people to apply for positions as part of their cabin crew.

The #AspireToFly campaign was launched with a video showing cabin crew "experiencing new people, places and the adventure of finding themselves along the way".

Watch the video that shows a glimpse into life as a flight attendant

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The airline has grown its number of flight attendants from around 1,400 in 2012 to around 2,200 today as new routes are added and capacity increased.

The video shows a number of different flight attendants travelling to Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Shanghai sharing what they like about the job.


General manager of cabin crew Leeanne Langridge said Air New Zealand receives more than 5,000 applications for its flight attendant positions every year.

Langridge said it takes a very special person to don the uniform and represent the airline and New Zealand.

"This means we never stop pushing ourselves to find passionate, proud and dedicated flight attendants who represent our brand values, and go beyond to make a difference in our customers' journey. It's really about finding the people who can form that special connection with our customers to enhance the customer experience.

Langridge said the video was "a real glimpse" into what makes a good flight attendant.

She hoped it would encourage people who may not have considered a career in flying to apply.