The Commerce Commission is handling two complaints after disgruntled Fly Buys customers were denied a new Apple iPad Air for next to nothing.

Earlier this week the top of line products were offered at a bargain basement one point on the loyalty programme website.

The offer, deemed a mistake by Loyalty NZ, was retracted and corrected to the 7000 points they were really worth.

But this was not before 126 customers tried to claim 600 iPads.


Seventeen people picked up 23 devices from Noel Leeming before the mistake was realised.

A commission spokesman confirmed today it was now assessing whether the action of the loyalty programme warranted further investigation after two people laid a complaint over the company's failure to honour purchases.

"We've been in touch with Fly Buys to ask how the error occurred," he said.

A decision would then be made to see if further investigation was warranted.

Disgruntled Fly Buys customers have told the Herald how they had been told their purchase would not go ahead despite written confirmation saying otherwise.

One person said he was in a queue waiting to collect his device when he was told it was not valid.

Another received a tweet from the company saying there had been a mistake.

Yesterday Fly Buys said it would not force those who had already collected their iPad to hand them back.

However, it hoped the devices will be returned voluntarily.

One disgruntled customer complained not all customers were being treated fairly.

Consumer New Zealand chief executive Sue Chetwin said the Fly Buys customers should probably return the iPads, but it was unlikely they could be compelled to.

"I do have some sympathy for Fly Buys on this one. It was fairly obviously a mistake," she said.

The Fly Buys error comes just three months after Harvey Norman declined to supply super-cheap items bought online for mistakenly huge discounts as part of its "biggest ever retail sale".