The telco behind the latest venture to lay an undersea internet cable from Hawaii to New Zealand has announced it now aims to link up with another cable project connecting California with Asia.

Bluesky Pacific Group is behind the plan to connect New Zealand, Samoa, Cook Islands and Hawaii with the Moana Cable. This would be the fourth undersea cable providing internet to New Zealand.

Today Bluesky announced the collaboration with RAM Telecom International (RTI), to interconnect the Southeast Asia - United States "SEA-US" Cable system with the Moana Cable.

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The SEA-US cable will link Hawaii, California, Guam, Philippines and Indonesia once it is completed at the end of the year.

Bluesky's agreement will mean the Moana Cable and the SEA-US cable interconnect, providing end-to-end connectivity from New Zealand to the United States, through the Pacific Islands.

Russ Matulich, chief executive of RTI said the Moana Cable was essential to economic growth in the Pacific.

"RTI is pleased to provide the Moana Cable with onward connectivity from Hawaii to California, as well as Hawaii to Guam, and key Asian destinations.

"We look forward not only to maximising each of our strategic assets, but also to expanding our relationship to serve new markets already in the planning stages."

The Moana Cable will feature new technology that wasn't available when the Southern Cross Cable, the cable currently connecting New Zealand to the United States, was laid.

Although the Southern Cross Cable has been upgraded a number of times, its maximum capacity is 12 terabits per second, while the Moana Cable will feature total capacity between New Zealand and Hawaii of 20 terabits per second.

The construction of the cable is expected to be in 2018.

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