What was your first job?

As a junior technician at Wye agricultural research centre.

What did you learn from it?

I acquired a "Rada" (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) accent and learnt how to play tennis and how to behave at hunt balls. Also how to be a good scientist.


What was the best advice you got from your parents?

Not really advice but they taught me everything you need to know about how to not bring up a child.

How will you relax over the summer break?

Frolicking with the kids on the beach pretending to be much younger and athletic than I am.

What are the challenges ahead for 2016 for your company?

Financing across our considerable patented IP portfolio.

And for the wider economy?

Introduction of disruptive technologies and service delivery platforms.

Personal or business highlight from 2015?

Inventing disruptive technology around improvements to consumer nutrition, to be launched in 2016.