Kiwi clothing brand i love ugly has come under fire over its latest advertising campaign which is being labelled "sexist" and 'revolting' by social media.

The latest lookbook released on Tuesday, designed to showcase the company's mens jewellery range, features a clothed man covering various parts of a naked female, as well as images showing the females breasts and private parts.

The provocative campaign was designed to change the way men viewed wearing jewellery according to the company, but fans aren't sold.

Social media feedback on the ads has ranged from people disappointed in the brands choice to disgust, with several customers saying they refused to shop the label until it pulled the ads.


Journalist Paula Penfold said her family had previously liked the brand, but wouldn't be shopping with them anymore.

Singer Lizzie Marvelly, who was behind the #MyBodyMyTerms movement empowering women, said the campaign was completely disrespectful.

"As a representation of women - especially a sexual representation, it's really displaying quite a disturbing attitude," Marvelly said.

"I love supporting New Zealand brands and I think what [i love ugly] have done in building such a successful business and connecting with young people and New Zealand guys, is really awesome," she said.

"But I think it also puts them in a position where they do have a responsibility and a lot of respect in this space and they can choose to use that position to influence young men in positive ways or negatively."

"In NZ, where we have the worst sexual violence stats in the OECD, these images are frankly irresponsible. #iloveugly", Marvelly tweeted earlier.

In response, the company tweeted that it had had mixed reviews, but "if you're nervous about something, you're onto a good thing", prompting further backlash.

Newstalk ZB journalist Frances Cook disagreed.


Comedian Eli Matthewson also followed up to their statement.

The company hasn't explained its reasoning behind the campaign but wrote on its facebook page, "We tried our best to rework something that makes a lot of males a little uneasy and turn it into something the dubious could potentially see themselves wearing."

Not everyone disagreed with the campaign though, with several people tweeting their support for the brand and one of the rings sold out completely, and others sold out in some sizes on the company's website.

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Posted by I Love Ugly on Tuesday, 1 December 2015