A push to help youth into jobs has seen more than 150 young people participate in a round of speed-interviewing today - with half expected to be offered positions.

The initiative, by Domino's Pizza in Auckland, is part of the Auckland Council Mayor's Youth Employment Scheme, which aims to get the city's 23,500 NEETS (Not in Education, Training or Employment) into work.

The event involved youth who had already been screened by various agencies to ensure they wanted to work, and featured three hours of 5-minute interviews with franchise holders across Auckland.

There was a careers and Human Resources expert on hand to help with interview skills, CV help, and confidence boosting. Westpac bank were there to talk through savings plans, budgeting and Kiwisaver - as for many they would never have had a paycheque.


Domino's expects it will be able to offer 70 young people part-time work at the end of the interviews, and has said it will pay for some to sit their driver's license as part of the initiative, as for many that was a barrier to a job.

Its employees would be able to pay off the license fee through their wages.

The event follows the announcement by Careers New Zealand that another employer-led programme, Work Inspiration, will begin here this week.

Careers New Zealand Chief Executive Keith Marshall said recent research had found young people who experienced four or more contracts with employers while at school were five times less likely to be unemployed.

"This compelling 2012 research confirms the importance of creating meaningful work exploration opportunities for school students, which is why Careers New Zealand is proud to bring Work Inspiration to New Zealand, Mr Marshall said.

Work Inspiration has been successfully trialled by Westpac, Toyota and Grow Wellington, he said. It aimed to give students valuable insights into how a business runs.

Toyota Future People Development Team Leader, Jane Stella said Toyota trialled the programme as a way to showcase the many different career pathways that exist for young people in the retail automotive industry.

"The students were inspired by the scope of roles available and wanted to come back for more," she said.

The programme was also endorsed by Grow Wellington. It will be introduced to New Zealand employers and schools starting in 2016.