$39m upgrade gives New Lynn and neighbours a new eight-screen cinema complex.

Details are about to be released about New Lynn's new eight-screen multiplex cinema complex, the first Reading operation to open in Auckland.

Wayne Smith, Reading Entertainment's Australian-based managing director, said he was visiting LynnMall to see the huge new complex for himself.

" I'm just heading over now to assess progress," Smith said of the complex his business will be operating on a long-term lease.

Auckland's Lynn Mall expansion gets under way
Looking at LynnMall


He refused to reveal ticket prices, give a precise opening date or say which films might screen first.

Mid-November has previously been mentioned as a possible cinema opening date but nothing has been confirmed.

Whether ticket prices will be the low $10 is also yet to be announced but in Dunedin, Reading's tickets start at $10 each, undercutting much of the competition.

"Dunedin is now the home of amazing value," Reading said of its cinemas there. "All standard 2D tickets are just $10 and 2D premium tickets are just $15."

See video: Revealed - LynnMall's big extension:

Take a peek inside the result of an intensive 11-month $39m extension at LynnMall in Auckland’s New Lynn, bringing seven new restaurants and an eight-cinema complex including one giant 460-seat Titan theatre with state-of-the-art Dolby sound system, the equivalent of 3D for audio. The Brickworks dining lane opens November 5 and the cinemas mid-November. Footage: Doug Sherring

Smith would only say: "Having a point of difference is a great starting point."

However, he did say that more details might be available towards the end of next week.

The LynnMall theatres are spread over a third of a hectare of floorspace and have one giant Titan theatre with a four storey-high move screen and 460 seats which will also boast Dolby Atmos audio technology, said to give a 3D sound experience. The screen is 20m wide by 11m high.


Two premium theatres have their own premium lounge and no standard seats within the theatres.

A further five theatres range from 75 seats up to 200, allowing a big range of films to be screened from blockbusters to art house.

For 14 years, New Lynn has not had a cinema and the development is part of a $39 million extension by listed landlord Kiwi Property which is also adding a new dining precinct with seven outlets.

The dining precinct opens today at noon.