The San Francisco housing market is so heated that a house where a mummified corpse of a 90-year-old woman was found has sold for a whopping US$1.56million (NZ$2.35million).

The mummified corpse of the home's former owner was found inside the house, wrapped in a blanket last April, reported.

The woman had reportedly died five years earlier, but her 65-year-old daughter failed to tell anyone that her mother's body was still in the home.

The deceased woman was reportedly a hoarder and therefore all the trash that was left in the house had to be cleared before the house was put up for sale in June.


There was allegedly so much trash that firefighters had to wear oxygen masks to enter the house, reported.

The two-bath, two-bedroom home was listed by Zephyr Real Estate as having, "Lots of Vintage Charm/Details and a real News Worthy [sic] History," in addition to "a good location in the very desirable LAKE District neighborhood."

The home was built in the Victorian style in 1904 and sits on a 2,996-square-foot lot.

There was no mention of the home's creepy history on the listing.

The upstairs are of the house is still unfinished and allows for the new owners to renovate so no doubt this house will be back on the market before you can say boo.