British farmers are bleating after a supermarket was accused of trying to pass off Kiwi lamb as Scottish.

A British farmer's union was furious with Tesco after reportedly finding shelves of imported New Zealand lamb sitting under a banner stating "The Best Scottish Lamb in Season".

However, Tesco said the meat's origin was correctly identified on the label of each pack, the Herald of Scotland reported.

"The deep felt anger being directed towards Tesco over this debacle is wholly justified," National Farmer's Union Scotland president Allan Bowie said.


"This is totally unacceptable. Scotland's sheep farmers and our consumers deserve much, much better than this," the Herald Scotland website reported.

"Secondly, this kind of point of sale abuse of the Scottish brand makes Scottish farmers' blood boil. It is difficult to put into words just how angry hard-working sheep farmers feel when they spot some excellent promotion of Scottish lamb in a Tesco store only to find the shelves below are filled with imported product," Mr Bowie added.

A Tesco spokesman told the Herald lamb was in season and the vast majority of lamb sold in Scotland was Scottish.