The story of a young French woman, Natalie Amyot, has been revealed to be a viral marketing stunt set-up by a Sunshine Coast-based social media company.

A day after Ms Amyot posted her video online, another clip was uploaded to her YouTube channel with the 26-year-old coming clean that it was a hoax set up by Sunny Coast Social Media.

It opens with the brunette beauty announcing, "I found him", before stepping aside for owner Andy Sellar.

It comes after doubts had been cast over the story of Ms Amyot, who was searching for a man she claimed to got her pregnant on the last night of a three-month trip to Australia.


Since she posted the video on YouTube a day ago, online sceptics questioned whether or not Ms Amyot was real.

Instead they speculated she was in fact named Alizee Michel - a former marketing and tourism student - who studied at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

A former university student, Jordan Foster, confirmed to Daily Mail Australia Ms Michel had lived in the coastal region, north of Brisbane, for "a few years".

"I was on campus of the Sunshine Coast for seven years and was friends with [her] and her friends for a few years because I ran most the functions on campus and off for the university accommodation and my events company that I put together while I was at uni," Mr Foster said.

The young French woman, who appealed for help online to find the man she says got her pregnant on the last night of a three month trip to Australia, has defended herself against online skeptics. Natalie Amyot, from Paris, has returned to the Mooloolaba on Queensland's Sunshine Coast where she said she spent "a beautiful night" with a "really cute" man she fell instantly in love with. Source: Natalie Amyot/YouTube

He also revealed Ms Michel had a long-term boyfriend who lived with her at Alexandra Headland - a suburb of Mooloolaba - during her time in Australia.
Mr Foster said as far as he knew the 26-year-old was still with her boyfriend last year.

"The story is definitely not true," Mr Foster added.

Adding to the speculation is a photograph taken back in June 2014 identifying a woman who bore a remarkable resemblance to Ms Amyot as Ms Michel.

In the picture, Ms Michel is posing with two other friends on the beach at Mooloolaba.

On social media, she was also tagged with a relative believed to be her cousin in Melbourne months before she claimed to have arrived in Australia for her extended trip.


A further search on Facebook lists a number of Ms Michel's relatives as living in the Victorian capital.

The 26-year-old brunette made international headlines when she posted a video onto Facebook and YouTube claiming she had returned home only to discover six weeks later she was pregnant following their one-night stand.

Ms Amyot said she had spent "a beautiful night" with a "really cute" man and she fell instantly in love.

But her love story immediately drew skepticism from many viewers, with some questioning on social media why the lovestruck woman didn't know more about the mystery man - like his name.

On Tuesday night, she appeared to have second thoughts about whether the man will see her again after her video grabbed global headlines.

"I'm shaking now I'm in crying now......what if he doesn't want to see me now, maybe he is shy.... am so lonely right now," she tearfully wrote on Facebook on Tuesday night.

- Daily Mail