Another part of the group that sold internet business Orcon to new owners last year has been put into liquidation by the High Court.

Vivid Technologies, directed by Warren Hurst, was put into liquidation last week.

The Companies Office says liquidators were appointed on January 22 following an application to the High Court.

Hurst was a director of the now-insolvent telco Vivid Networks and led a consortium of businesspeople who bought Orcon from state-owned Kordia in 2013.


The internet business since sold to Callplus, which also runs Slingshot and holds the number three spot in the New Zealand internet market.

Vivid Technologies - the company put into liquidation last week - is the majority owner of Vivid Networks. One of its liquidators, Simon Rogan, was unable to immediately respond to queries on the company's liabilities.

Hurst told a court last year he had debts of $3.5 million but avoided bankruptcy after reaching a deal with his creditors.