Manu Taylor has stepped down as station manager at the alternative radio station bFM.

Taylor announced yesterday he would be leaving after seven years with bFM.

Before that he was programme director at Mai FM where he had been for ten years.

For several years was music critic for Radio New Zealand's National Radio.


Taylor said bFM had performed an important and specialised role for listeners at a time when there was increased activity from commercial stations and during the shift to digital content.

bFM is associated with the Auckland University Students Association and has 11 staff and over 90 volunteer DJs.

The non profit broadcaster attracts a small niche of listeners and has traditionally played a role in airing new talent in both broadcasting and music and and trends.

In the past bFM provided one of the few ways of hearing new and cutting edge talent.

NZME's Radio Hauraki has picked up bFM talent and along with MediaWorks' George FM, Hauraki has aimed its schedules at some of bFM's listeners aged over thirty years.

Despite increased digital options for accessing digital music - such as Spotify and NZME's iHeart Radio - Taylor says there was still a need for stations that are rooted to a "community."

It "curated" music as a guide people about what was available and that was still important.

bFM is also making a greater push into digital.


The new focus is linked to a "rejuvenation" of the bFM board that began last year and coincided with the departure longtime chairman Chris Hocquard last year.

Hocquard was replaced by by Simon Telfer, who said bFM would continue to encourage new music and being adventurous.